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CM Ladli Behna Yojana

On March 5, 2023, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched the innovative Ladli Behna Yojana, also known as the CM Ladli Bahna Yojana, on behalf of the Madhya Pradesh government. In addition to strengthening women’s position in the family and their dependents’ health and nutrition, the program aims to increase women’s financial independence in the state. This program supports national goals for gender equality and social advancement and is a part of a larger effort to empower women.

A monthly financial aid of ₹1,000 is provided to qualified women under this initiative, which adds up to an annual benefit of ₹12. With this assistance, women’s immediate financial requirements will be met, allowing them to make a larger and more meaningful contribution to the well-being of their families. For the scheme’s five-year execution, the government has set aside a sizeable budget of ₹60,000 crores. The state’s commitment to changing the socioeconomic environment for women is demonstrated by this substantial financial contribution.

MP Ladli Behna Yojana

Scheme NameLadli Behna Yojana
Launched ByChief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan
StateMadhya Pradesh
Launch DateMarch 5, 2023
Target BeneficiariesWomen of Madhya Pradesh
ObjectiveTo empower women financially, enhance their decision-making role, and improve the health and nutrition of dependents

The goal of the Madhya Pradesh Ladli Behna Yojana is to give women more influence over household decisions. It seeks to cultivate a sense of independence and self-reliance in women by encouraging them to take an active role in both their personal and communal lives.

On March 25, 2023, the application procedure began. Registration was made possible by the government through camps set up in different places. The target group is guaranteed broad accessibility and involvement through this grassroots method.

Madhya Pradesh Ladli Behna Scheme 10th Instalment

Every month on the 10th, the recipients get a payout from the scheme into their bank accounts. The MP Ladli Behna Scheme is expected to continue providing financial support. On March 10, 2024, the qualified women recipients will get the 10th installment through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), which will be sent straight into their bank accounts.

This installment continues the program’s history of providing monthly contributions with the goal of empowering women in Madhya Pradesh. This impending installment of the initiative, which has already benefited 1.29 crore women, further demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the financial independence and well-being of women in the state.

Ladli Behna Yojana Eligibility Criteria

The purpose of the MP Ladli Behna Yojana eligibility criteria is to identify and assist Madhya Pradeshi women who stand to gain the most from financial aid and empowerment programs. This is a thorough explanation of the requirements.

Residential Requirement – Candidates have to be Madhya Pradesh citizens. This targets the local population by guaranteeing that the advantages of the scheme are only available to women residing inside the state’s borders.

Marital Status – Married women, including widowed, divorced, or abandoned women, are eligible for the program. This criterion recognizes the financial risks that women frequently experience as a result of their marital status and aims to assist those who might not have enough financial support.

Age Limit –Women that qualify should be between the ages of 23 and 60. This age group ensures that financial aid is used wisely by focusing on women who are most likely to be involved members of their families and communities.

Economic Background – This program is designed at lower-class and impoverished households. The plan is open to women from families with annual incomes under INR 2.5 lakhs, with a focus on those who are most in need of financial assistance.

Land Ownership – Families are deemed eligible if they own more than five acres of agricultural property. This criterion is intended to take into account small- to medium-sized farmers, who account for a sizable share of the state’s rural economy.

Caste and Community – Women who belong to any of the social categories listed below are eligible, including the General category, Other Backward Classes (OBC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Scheduled Castes (SC). This inclusive strategy makes sure that the program helps a wide range of people by addressing financial empowerment among various social groups.

Documentation –A Samagra ID connected to Aadhaar with eKYC is one of the necessary documents, as this guarantees a quick and safe application procedure. Additionally, this aids in successfully confirming the applicants’ identities and places of residence.

Steps to apply for the MP Ladli Behna Yojana

  1. Find and attend to a government-sponsored registration camp in your neighborhood, or get in touch with the relevant Ward Office or Gram Panchayat.
  2. To ensure your identification is validated for the plan, link your Aadhaar with your Samagra ID by completing the eKYC process.
  3. At the camp, accurately fill out the application form with your personal and bank account information.
  4. Enclose the necessary paperwork with your application, such as your passport-sized photo, Aadhaar card, Samagra ID, mobile number, and bank account information.
  5. Upon submitting the completed form and supporting documentation to the camp officials, you will be issued an application reference number or acknowledgement receipt.
  6. Await the completion of your application processing. As per the timetable of the scheme, you will get the cash aid immediately into your bank account upon acceptance.

Madhya Pradesh Ladli Behna Yojana Status Check

  1. Access Official Website: First, visit, the official website of the CM Ladli Bahna Scheme.
  2. Click on Application and Payment Status: Locate and select the “Application and Payment Status” link or option on the home page.
  3. Input Your Details: Either your Samagra ID number or your registration number must be entered on the new page that appears.
  4. Enter Captcha and Request OTP: To receive a One Time Password on your registered mobile phone, enter the captcha code provided on the page and click the “Send OTP” button.
  5. Submit OTP and Proceed: To continue, enter the OTP you received in the space provided and press the “Search” button.
  6. Review Payment Status:All relevant information, including the specifics of the installments that have been paid to you under the plan, will now be visible on your payment status page.

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