Vivek Bindra: 5 Points On Motivation Speaker Accused Of Domestic Violence

By Abhikr 24 December, 2023

Vivek Bindra, a well-known motivational speaker and social media influencer, has recently been in the news. Bindra is in the news right now for reportedly abusing his wife only hours after the wedding.

Vivek Bindra: 5 Points On Motivation Speaker Accused Of Domestic Violence


Vivek Bindra is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bada Business Private Limited (BBPL), and millions of people follow him on YouTube and Instagram. According to his LinkedIn biography, he has created 12 World Records, including 9 Guinness World Records for the biggest webinars on different topics.

Vivek Bindra has been accused of abusing his wife Yanika Bindra in Noida. On December 6, he married Ms Yanika, but days later, a complaint was launched against the motivational speaker, accusing him of domestic abuse.

Bindra holds an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree. He was awarded the prestigious Golden Book of Records for teaching the biggest assembly of HR Professionals at a single event. According to his biography, he was also named one of the '21 Technopreneurs to Watch in 2021' by Digital First Magazine.

Bindra has been embroiled in several issues, including being accused of operating a "scam" by fellow YouTuber and motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari.

Bindra experienced anger from the Sikh community in June 2022 after an animated portrayal of Guru Gobind Singh appeared in one of his videos. Bindra was forced to apologize as a result of the scandal. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) also filed a lawsuit against Bindra in 2018, accusing him of using defamatory language against physicians in a video titled 'Reality of Indian Medical System'.

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